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Product Manager
Product Manager
电子邮箱: Stanley@wingatech.com
发布日期: 2008-03-12 工作地点: 深圳市 招聘人数: 4 工作年限: 二年以上
外语要求: 英语 良好 学    历: 大专        

Position Requirements:
1.Male or Female, above Junior College, International Trade or related Major, fluent in listening、speaking、reading、writing in English
2.Need to have oversea sales or purchases working experience with two years or beyond about computer products(including central processor unit, ddr or IC, flash chipset for motherboard, memory cards, notebook peripherial, server peripherial)
3.Have a good knowledge of computer products and specifications
4.Can deal with Business Orders by yourself, and being familiar with products and market well & forecasting future market changes..
5.Good at the whole operating process of international trade, Prior to choose job seeker who has experience in Intel Agent Company
6.Need to have best ability of business exploitation and many foreign clients bases...
7.Need to have best ability of communication and smartness..

Job Range:
1.With responsibility for purchasing computer products all over the world
2.With responsibility for selling products from our company
3.Protecting the relation between WinGate Company & Clients
4.Training / Supporting / Managing sales team

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